Sediment Jasper with Rose Gold

Sediment Jasper with Rose Gold

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  • 8mm deeply-textured matte Australian jasper
  • 8mm 14K rose gold-filled, fancy-cut separators
  • 8mm magnestie
  • Swuaye lock and lotus-engraved pulley beads in 18K gold plated solid silver


Exemplified in its natural brown and beige tones, Jasper carries a strong connection to the Earth's energy. This makes is a very beneficial stone for grounding and focus. Magnesite is very much a meditation stone, providing deep relaxation and enabling peace with the self. Both stones can enhance visualization and imagery, making them great for innovation and idea creation.


"You can't possibly mix rose gold and yellow gold" was asserted by a skeptic of Swuaye when Christian began designing pieces. Immediately after, Christian made this piece, which has become a best seller. We like to think of this bracelet as a symbol of innovation and rule breaking.